Panzani Penne Pasta Durum Wheat


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Durum Quick Facts
Name: Durum
Scientific Name: Triticum durum
Origin Mediterranean region and southwest Asia
Colors Reddish brown to yellow or white
Shapes Ellipsoid caryopsis (grain), ovoid to ellipsoid
Taste Nutty
Calories 651 Kcal./cup
Major nutrients Selenium (312.00%)
Manganese (251.43%)
Phosphorus (139.29%)
Copper (118.00%)
Carbohydrate (105.05%)
Health benefits Prevent Type 2 Diabetes, Keep your Digestive System Healthy, Improve Heart Health, Part of Balanced Diets, Healthy Bones and System, Kidney Health, Weight Loss, Boost B-complex Vitamins,Rich in Antioxidant and Irasta

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